Lobbying governments

Founder Sharon Kwok testified in front of the California state legislature about the need to ban the import of shark fins (AB376) and of ivory (AB96

Lobbying private corporations

In 2014, AquaMeridian successfully convinced four major Hong Kong department stores – Chinese Arts & Crafts, Wing On Department Stores Hong Kong, Yue Hwa Group, and Chinese Goods Centre  – to stop selling ivory.

Hong Kong For Elephants

ACE is one of the founding members of Hong Kong For Elephants, a coalition of Hong Kong people fighting against the ivory trade, which continues to thrive in Hong Kong.

The coalition also uses child ambassadors, called the Elephant Angels, to reach schoolchildren in Hong Kong and to encourage leadership from a young age.

elephant walk

Since 2013, AquaMeridian has hosted the Elephant Walk in Hong Kong as one of over a hundred cities joining the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos. The Elephant Walk is held annually on World Animal Day. With the attendance of many kids, local celebrities, and prominent people, our annual Elephant Walk receives full press coverage.