1992 : Hosted and co-produced a program for ATV Hong Kong about proper care and responsibility towards animals.
1994 - 2000: Served on the board of directors at ‘WWF’ World Wide Fund for Nature, H.K.

2008 - Today: Ambassador for SPCA H.K. As well as the advisor for their Cadet Program. 
2008 - Today: Ambassador for Bloom.
2008 - Today: Ambassador for Hong Kong Cetacean Research Project. 


2009 - 2010: “森海尋寶‬” Co-produced and hosted a ‘TVB-Hong Kong’ prime time series which gained the highest ratings of any other series aired in 2010.

The Chinese name of the show sounds like ‘Deep Sea Treasure Hunt’ but the characters translate to a search for nature’s treasures from forests to seas. The series was filmed in the Solomon Islands and shows healthy biodiversity from jungles to oceans with points of interest such as cave and wreck diving, to life in the jungles from morning to night. It is also a series that speaks of conservation issues such as shark finning and sustainable seafoods. By bringing these issues to viewers in a colourful and exciting format, we achieved the goal of inspiring a city population to greater appreciation of nature. Thus, raising awareness of every person’s responsibility to protect and preserve our planet’s nature and natural resources for future generations. 

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Part 1:

Part 2: