AquaMeridian's goal is to spread a love of nature to  protect it for future generations. Over the last century, we've made amazing technological progress, but at the same time, we are paying for it with irreplaceable losses such as animal extinction and an ever growing pollution problem. We've come to a point in time where everyone must take responsibility and  immediate action in order to preserve biodiversity. To accomplish this, we must educate the masses using school talks, petitions, lobbying world governments, carrying out public events and liaising with various public media outlets. Through our activities we hope to raise awareness in society and stop the unnecessary greed;  for example the Ivory and shark fin trades.  AquaMeridian also focuses on educating our children that humans and the Earth must run as a unit. Sustainability lies within our hands. It is fundamental for us to take action now in order to create a healthy future for mankind.