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She is a Eurasian American of Chinese and German descent who was born in Hong Kong but spent much of her formative years in San Francisco. Much of her early childhood was spent at Ocean Park HK as her father was one of the founding members. This has hada profound effect that brought her closer to nature even when living in a city like Hong Kong. A student of the Academy of Arts in SanFrancisco, Sharon taught arts at the Asian Arts Institute and raised funds for charity exhibitions via her art when she was in her teens.During this time, Sharon joined a local SF beauty pageant which she won. One thing lead to another and after her final contest in H.K.T.V.B.’s Miss. International Chinese, Sharon decided to stay in HK and pursue a career in acting. Since then, Sharon has been featured in over a dozen films and worked for T.V.B., RTHK, and ATV Hong Kong. She has supported charities such as Lifeline Express, YouthOutreach, Make A Wish Foundation, and Prevent Child Sexual Abuse to name but a few. She is a member of The Society of Women Geographers, The Explorers' Club, and an ambassador of the Hong Kong Cetacean Research Project, Bloom, and SPCA H.K.Sharon is also a Director of Wild Aid Hong Kong and Mission Blue.

Over the past several years, Sharon has been playing an active role in environmental conservation, focusing especially on issuesthat are related to Hong Kong and China’s unsustainable exploitation of wildlife. She was involved with lobbying for the Assembly Bill 'AB376', California’s ban on the trade in shark fins. This bill, written by then assemblymen Jared Huffman and Chinese American Paul Fongwas met with many challenges but was successfully passed by the legislature when Governor Jerry Brown signed AB376 in Oct2011. Motivated to do much more, Sharon Kwok founded AquaMeridian Conservation and Education (ACE) Foundation in March 2013.





About Mr. Peter Jackson

Mr. Peter Jackson is the Executive Director and the Chief Executive Officer of Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Limited (AsiaSat). Having served in that position since July 1993 prior to the listing of the company, he has over 30 years’ experience in the field of telecommunications. Mr. Jackson joined AsiaSat as Chief Executive Officer in 1993, following his successful years with Cable & Wireless in a broad range of engineering, marketing and management positions. Under his directorship, AsiaSat has become a diversified and publicly traded company, and won a number of industry awards over the past years including the “Best Asian Satellite Carrier” at the 2005 and 2007 Telecom Asia Awards, and the “Satellite Communications Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific” at the 2007 Frost and Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards. Mr. Jackson has been actively working across the satellite, broadcasting and telecommunications sectors, and negotiating with other satellite operators and regulatory bodies for international cooperation of the satellite industry. In 2006, Mr. Jackson was presented the Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council’s “Satellite Executive of the Year in Asia Pacific” Award in recognition of his continued achievement and dedication to the satellite and television community. In July 2010, Mr. Jackson retired as the Chief Executive Officer. He was appointed as the Executive Chairman and remained as the Executive Director of AsiaSat until 2011.

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Mr. Ted Lipman (born 1953) is a Canadian diplomat and a former Canadian ambassador to North Korea and South Korea.

He was born in Brazil and was raised in Rio de Janeiro, the United Kingdom, and Vancouver. His father was English and his mother was Russian. Lipman took Asian studies at University of British Columbia and studied Chinese history at Peking University.

In 1976, he became a member of the Canadian Department of External Affairs. Positions held by him there have included special projects liaison in the Corporate Planning Division, deputy director of the East Asia Trade Division, and director general of the North Asia Bureau.

Lipman's first work in Asia was to serve the Canadian embassy in Beijing from 1977 to 1980. Lipman then became the first Canadian trade commissionerin South China from 1982 to 1985. Other positions held by Lipman include Canadian consul general in Shanghai from 1995 to 1999, and minister at the Canadian embassy in Beijing between 1999 and 2001. Lipman became executive director of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei in 2001, and held that position until 2004. Lipman has also worked in the United States three times: as a member of the United Nations General Assembly, as a consul and trade commissioner in New York City, and as a consul in Pittsburgh.

Despite being an immigrant to Canada, Lipman has commented that he has no difficulties in representing the country as a diplomat, stating that "Canada is a very free and fair country where people of various backgrounds thrive and that's part of our success." In 2011 Lipman retired from the diplomatic service and currently works in the philanthropy sector in Hong Kong.

Lipman is married to famous Chinese singer Zhu Zheqin, better known by her artist name Dadawa.


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