Educational Talks and School Visits

Aquameridian regularly conduct public talks at shopping centres and schools. Some of the topics we recently have done talks on are below. please feel free to email us to request further information.

Interactive field trips or out of office experiences.

  • Temple tours and cleanup – visit some local historical temples on Hong Kong Island and learn their history, the rituals and assist in a mini cleanup of the surrounding areas.
  • Hong Kong cultural hikes and cleanup – Hong Kong has history dating back to the mid-neolithic age, with stone carvings, monuments and sites that many people walk past without knowing their significance, hence many of this historical and cultural sites are unprotected and become either abandoned or covered in trash. On this tour we will visit some of these sites and learn of their history and how they have helped to shape Hong Kong as we know it now.
  • Historical Aberdeen Fish Market Visit – learn where you fish come from and the environmental issues challenges surrounding Hong Kong’s fishing industry.
  • Visit to Hong Kong’s private turtle hospital – here you will learn about the different endangered and wild turtles in Hong Kong. Help around the turtle hospital and spend a day of education with some rare and truly amazing animals, at a location that is not generally open to the public. Hong Kong has had a long history of consumption of turtle soup, turtle egg soup and using turtle shells for ornaments and beauty accessories.
  • Coastal Cleanup on an Outer Island – we have two key islands that we like to visit to do beach cleanups and learn about what effect single use plastics are having on our oceans and why we should be concerned.
  • Site visit and tour of a battery recycling centre – Hong Kong is a key financial and business hub, together with a population of over 7.4 million people and 900,000 cars, trucks and buses registered in the city leads to a large surplus of waste batteries each year, approximately 38,000 tonnes in lead acid batteries alone, but how are these items handled, what’s the best and most economic environmental solution for this waste. We will take you to the only fully functioning battery recycling plant to see how modern state of the art technology is solving a global issue locally.
  • Trash-a-thon – a prolonged event where teams (4-5 people) raise sponsorship pre kilo of trash collected over a given period (we have done 7 days to 30 days in the past). They then collect trash and weigh it at the end of the designated period and collect their sponsorship. Awards and prizes for various challenges are issued by Aquameridian for this event also.
  • Shark Fin Patrol Walk – join us as we take a walk along the ShangWan-SaiYinPun areas in Hong Kong where we will stop and talk to importers and exporters of shark fin, understand the cultural and regional significance of shark fin soup in Hong Kong. See and learn what fish Maus are and why the demand for these are decimating our oceans. This are guided walks along businesses and routes will frequently change depending on the operations of the wholesalers that week.

In office live talk topics as follows:-

  • Pet selection and basic animal care.
  • Wildlife rescue and recovery
  • Endangered Elephants and why a global ivory ban is essential to Hong Kong
  • Shark Finning and why Shark Fin Soup consumption needs to be stopped
  • What pet would match my personality / nature. We take a short survey and talk to match you with your ideal pet.
  • The IUCN Red List of endangered species and how it affects Hong Kong
  • The ocean why is it important to life on the planet.
  • Hong Kong snakes and having a pet snake in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong birds and keeping a pet bird.

Many of the above in office talks involve bringing into the office a live species (as an option) which will give the participants the opportunity to touch and hold animals that they may never have seen before.